Not all bankruptcy lawyers are created equal

People facing bankruptcy need a bankruptcy lawyer who is competent, trustworthy and friendly. Bankruptcy is a very stressful process and the lawyer representing the bankrupt client should not be adding more stress to the situation by being incompetent, untrustworthy or unpleasant.

Not all bankruptcy lawyers are created equal: some are excellent, others mediocre and some, downright terrible.

When considering bankruptcy, consumers should shop around. They should interview bankruptcy lawyers serving the US Bankruptcy Court in their region. The potential lawyer need not be located in the consumer’s hometown. Rather they may have offices close to the bankruptcy court where the consumer’s case will be filed.

The wise consumer should check out the lawyer’s reviews on line. They should also check if the lawyer is licensed and where. Finally, they should determine whether any grievances have been lodged against the lawyer under consideration.

Personal recommendations from previous clients or other attorneys are the highest recommendations a bankruptcy lawyer can achieve. Happy clients are the lawyer’s highest compliment.

If the consumer knows any family, friends or acquaintances who have  led bankruptcy, they should ask for recommendations.

When facing bankruptcy, consumers should not simply hire the first bankruptcy lawyer they encounter. Prudent consumers shop around and compare lawyer reviews, services and reputations.

Doing bankruptcy lawyer research before hiring one will likely save the consumer money, time and stress.

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