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Harmonie Ponder
Harmonie Ponder
Tim VanderVeen
Tim VanderVeen
I am so thankful for the continued support of this law firm. They have given me the confidence that all will go well and that life will go on. I have never felt more confident that they have the skills, exerience, and compassion to provide me the service and support I need at this time.
Dale Freeman
Dale Freeman
I had a really good conversation with them. First impression was awesome. First phone call was inviting if you need this service.
Michelle Ewald
Michelle Ewald
Harmonie Ponder
Harmonie Ponder

I felt confident in this team and respected by them.  They were kind and understanding of our situation and educated us!

Julie S.

Prompt and consistent service with more than enough info.  Appreciative for taking the uncertainty out of a confusing and possibly easily messed up (if done personally) process.

Tim W.

I had no idea where to turn.  I never needed an attorney for anything.  I’m so glad I chose you.


You were recommended by the President of my bank. Thank you so much for helping me. You helped me through what I considered the worst situation I’ve ever been in, and because of your services, I still have some dignity left. Your team was excellent. I felt horrible filing for bankruptcy and you always understood.

Diane C.

It was a satisfying experience. I had some questions and needed to call a few times.  Leigh was just wonderful. She was so knowledgeable yet so very kind and friendly.  Many thanks!


Very professional, knowledgeable.  Would definitely recommend to others.

Daniel W.

You felt like you had my best interest; like family.

Carl P.

They came with a good recommendation by a friend and were very forthcoming with information we needed.  We think you did a great job during Covid times.

Lynn & Tom G.

We are so thankful for the support and guidance we received from the firm.  You have given us the confidence that all will go well going forward and life going forward will be without the stress which was hanging over us.  You have helped remove a burden from our shoulders.  Thank you.

Ron F.

From start to finish, I felt very confident in the manner that Attorney Korhonen conducted my chapter 7 bankruptcy.  She was thorough, answered my questions in a timely manner, and was always polite and courteous. 

James B.

I felt like it was our best choice.

Timothy W.

Very good!

Ann B.



They are wonderful and a lifesaver.  They are knowledgeable and very supportive.  A calming effect on me.


Considering bankruptcy is a very hard thing to do and a long process with tons of paperwork, which I hate.  I thought it would be horrible.  Church and Korhonen made it easy and better than expected.  Leigh was especially friendly and very helpful and knowledgeable about the process.  Thank you.

Eric S.

Very helpful, personal, explained everything thoroughly.

Jody E.

Very professional and great to work with

Terri H.

The personable professionalism and understanding helped me feel at ease during the process.  Thank you for everything!

Sheena T.

Your firm, Church and Korhonen, was very courteous and professional.  All of my emails and calls were returned promptly.  Everything was great.

Mark L.

I was referred to them by my friend and they did a great job!

Kristin L.

Very good.

William N.

We were so pleased with with your firm and your staff. So easy to work with and so thorough in all aspects. You all made a difficult decision much better to walk through. Your process through your office was well thought out and clear and easy to follow. ! Thank you so much!

John & Barb R.

I am very thankful how kind, courteous and helpful all your staff was with me! I appreciate all your time!!

G. J.

They were AMAZING!


Very confident and at ease thanks to their knowledge and support throughout my bankruptcy, Very courteous office personnel as well as the attorneys. I would recommend this office to anyone considering bankruptcy.

Mary H.

Would go back!!

Doug & Debbie M.

You did everything great. Very knowledgeable, friendly, on top of their business. Thank you.

Diane L.

I felt Church and Korhonen, PC exuded confidence from my very first interaction. Both attorneys gave me the sense my situation would be expeditiously resolved, and it was.

Dennis F.


Don D.



We enjoyed their courteous and professional service.


Fast, thorough and quickly responsive.

Ron G

It was a very smooth experience. And even though I had millions of questions, they were always willing and happy to help.

Emily H.

Going through bankruptcy was the most horrible thing for me, but you made it possible to put this behind me and start fresh. I will never let this happen to again. You’re all very professional and never crabby.


Everything was handled perfectly and went very well.

Tim R.

It went perfect!

Dale F.

I felt very comforted by Church and Korhonen’s expertise and the care they took in explaining the process. They made the process very easy to understand I felt very well represented.

Jean M.

I feel great having Church and Korhonen as my bankruptcy lawyers. They were very professional, helpful and understanding.

Wayne K.

Everyone was very friendly and helpful. They walked me right through a very troublesome process and decision to file bankruptcy.

Rachel B.

Church and Korhonen, PC are great! Leigh too!

Barbara W.

Your help was wonderful.You made a scary situation so easy.

Jeannine S.

I feel very relieved and confident. My stress level dropped. I could finally breathe easier and even sleep better.

The process was explained clearly so I knew what to expect, and, all my questions were patiently answered.

I knew I was in good hands,- and am thankful for that.

There are no words to express my relief and confidence in my experience with Church & Korhonen.

I was treated with understanding, empathy in a very personal ( humiliating) situation.

Marty F.

Thank you for saving my neck!


You are competent, compassionate, understanding. Felt very comfortable through the whole awfulness. Appreciated Cara’s understanding of my dilemma and heartache to file. Would recommend you to anyone needing to deal with a bankruptcy. I understood everything going on-start to finish. I worked foreclosures at a bank and with law firms- I didn’t like 3/4 of the attorneys I worked with. I truly liked this firm. My true test- would I sit with you both and have a gin & tonic? You bet I would !!

Carolyn R.

They do an excellent job of informing, educating and representing their clients, Very professional and always willing to listen.

Robert B.

I felt they did a good job for us.

Ted N.

Very fortunate. You showed patience and support throughout the process. I can’t think of ways to improve.

Tim V.

Thankful from my first conversation with Cathy through the months till my second meeting with Cara. I felt you all had my back. When I was feeling anxiety toward the end, Leigh’s reassurance when I called was more than helpful. Cathy, Cara, Leigh and Jim thank you for helping me through this journey. PS I also love the puppy therapy!

Vicki L.

Quality lawyers and made us feel at ease during a difficult time.

Nadene J.

They did excellent work. I am very pleased.


Everyone was wonderful. Very responsive to our questions and concerns. Also very thorough with answers to said questions. We always felt comfortable with how things moved along.


I felt very happy and content with Church and Korhonen, PC representing me.

Richard F.

I feel good about my bankruptcy lawyers, Church and Korhonen. Everything worked out well.

Mike L.

They did a very good job in getting what I needed.

Patricia O.

I felt comfortable that they were truly wanting to help me out of my difficult financial situation.


I was very nervous and apprehensive throughout this whole process; Jim was amazing. Thank you Cathy.


It was very comforting having Church and Korhonen,PC as my bankruptcy lawyers. They were very up front and honest with me about my case.


I feel great about having Church and Korhonen. PC as my bankruptcy lawyers. They don’t need to change anything about their service.


I feel very good about it 🙂


They did a great job, explained to me all my options, and responded to my questions, concerns very quickly. They were great.

James P.

Professional, Informative, Knowledgeable, Helpful, Empathetic. I found them in a Google search and their quality of work exceeded my expectations.

Diane S.

You were fantastic! I can’t think of a thing you could have done better!

Vincent B.

I can’t think of anything Upper Peninsula Bankruptcy Lawyers could have done to improve the way they handled my Chapter 7 case.

Rodney H.

Excellent service~ Quick painless!

Cathy K.

The staff helped me through a very stressful and embarrassing time. Everything went perfect.

Michael S.

Well organized and smooth process, thanks!

Chris S.

Everyone was so nice and awesome to deal with.

Debra P.

We were very happy with their attention to detail, quick responses to questions and professionalism.
They have a detailed and precise system to collect info and help everyone be prepared for court. Everything went smoothly. Thank you so much for making us feel comfortable during our hard time. Everyone was friendly and understanding.

Sharon S.

I felt great having them. I didn’t have to worry a thing. They were very caring and awesome people.

Sandra R.

They were very helpful and courteous.


Everything was A+

Ken B.

All of you were awesome. You made a very stressful situation very easy to navigate. We can now get our financial life back on track. We can never thank you enough.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Joe & Marybeth G.

Wonderful experience. Well-qualified and professional.

Peggy C.

Cara was extremely helpful. She explained all options throughout the process. Staff was very professional. She made a very uncomfortable situation better. Jim was the most professional person I have ever dealt with.


I feel very positive about having Church & Korhonen, PC as my bankruptcy lawyers. They did a very good job. Thank You!


I feel fantastic about retaining Upper Peninsula Bankruptcy Lawyers: Church and Korhonen. They handled my case wonderfully.

Michelle B.

I had called a few other “guys” and was starting to feel discouraged about going thru with it {bankruptcy}. After the first call {to Church and Korhonen, PC} I knew I found my lawyer. They were the only ones willing to do my driver’s responsibility fee. Should have my license hearing within the month! Thank you!

Josh M.

I am very satisfied with the bankruptcy representation I received from Church and Korhonen, PC. They were great and very helpful!




They did an excellent job and were very helpful during the entire process.

Laura S.

I feel great about having Church and Korhonen, PC as my Upper Peninsula Bankruptcy lawyers!

Karen A.

I felt very well represented throughout the process and would not hesitate to recommend you. Thank you!

Peter C.

A great team, helpful, courteous and knowledgeable.

Alice and Bob O.

They took care of everything for me and there weren’t really any issues throughout the process.

Jeremy B.

I am forever grateful to Atty. Church for her efforts on my behalf. She has allowed me a fresh start in the financial realm of my life.

Ms. Church was bright, courteous, understanding and professional without being haughty. I felt that my case was in the best possible hands, beginning to end.

Jillian J.

When I called, they took a message. The attorney’s promptness in calling back was amazing. You made a bad situation that I had to face as easy and as painless as possible. Don’t change. Don’t mess up what’s working perfectly.

Anna S.

You did great. Would have you again if needed.

Debbie S.

Words cannot express how we were treated. Stay the same.

Bill and Mary H.

I felt very comfortable dealing with you. In my case, I can’t see how you could do better-you handled my case very expertly.

John L.

I feel and felt confident that all of our problems were addressed and handled with respect. I would use your firm for other legal matters.

In our opinion, you did everything you could do and there isn’t anything to change to do it any better.

John P.

I feel they did a very good job with everything and answered all of my questions.

Kriste C.

It was fast, easy & Patty was so helpful when I called. I was so pleased with everything they did. You guys did an amazing job.


I was nervous and embarrassed to even start the process, but from the time I met everyone, I felt very comfortable & at ease.

Cathy and Cara are both personable, yet professional. Patty is extremely helpful & always answered my questions, phone calls and emails.

Never once did I feel like I was an annoyance. I never felt like anyone was trying to give me a “sales pitch” when starting the process.

Thank you!!


I feel great about the bankruptcy representation I received at Church and Korhonen, PC. I’m not sure they could do anything better. I was happy.

Dale N.

I would like to say you and your staff are very helpful.You all did a good job.

I don’t think you need to improve anything.

Mike C.

We felt very at ease. No one judged us. They kept us well informed.

We can’t thing of a thing that would make your service better.


I feel really good about your services. I would highly recommend your firm.

I thought you did a great job, Patty was very helpful!


I looked at a lot of lawyers. No matter who I considered, I always came back to Church and Korhonen. I am so glad I did. Very friendly and knowledgeable. They have more integrity than lawyers I have dealt with in the past. Very satisfied!

Susan C.

The dynamic personalities of the two attorneys is such a wonderful balance. I had the opportunity to speak/spend time with both and was impressed with each one in different ways. Going through a bankruptcy isn’t something anyone wants to do & the gamut of emotions one goes through is not something one can prepare for. At times, the direct approach that Cathy provides is just what you need & at other times a more indirect/slower pace is necessary; just knowing that someone is listening to your concerns, as Cara has provided in my case. I can’t overlook the support that I received from Patty as well- she is a gem! You have a great group of professional in your office. I couldn’t have made it through this process in one piece without you all.


Felt confident that you were the team for me. Very professional and clear about what was going to happen.

Joe K.

I was very satisfied with your advice. You explained the whole procedure.

Arthur P.

Dear Cathy and Cara:
Thank you for everything. I’m glad its over, at least I hope it is. Thanks you again for all you’ve done.
Roberta H.

They were helpful and did a good job.

Tammy and John B.

From our 1st meeting we were very comfortable and confident that you “had our backs” so to speak.


You are the best!


I felt secure, like everything would be taken care of. If I had any questions, they always got back to me asap.


It helped greatly that my questions were always answered and they were friendly and easy to work with.

Robert F.

I was very nervous and scared in going to court, but the attorneys helped to keep me calm. Thank you so much for all your help.


I felt relaxed after our first meeting.

Garry R.

I felt it was my best choice. My son used your law firm and had nothing but good to say.

Marsha M.

We found you in a phone book and have been very impressed by how you handled everything. Thank you!

Jean and James R.

They were very helpful.


They did a great job! I have no suggestions for improvement. Thank you!

Larry H.

I found you guys helpful, prompt and made this a smooth transaction. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Pam and Gregg C.

They were helpful from the beginning until the end. I was impressed. I never would have worked as well with another attorney. They seemed to be very knowledgeable and guided me through the process with ease.

Jimi K.

I liked how you went above and beyond what we thought telling us about things we didn’t know.

Gregg & Pam C.

We felt very comfortable with your kind and knowledgeable help during a difficult time in our lives. Thank you so much for treating us with kindness and respect.

Troy and Melanie L.

Very impressed how your firm handled my situation and quickly, I may add. I felt confident I had hired the best attorneys in Marquette. Being new to this area, they handled my situation quickly and I couldn’t have been more pleased with them. Thank you!

Constance G.

They were very professional and understanding and made me feel comfortable.They were very organized and I felt I could trust them.

Debra O.

Very good. Cathy and Cara work as a team. Patty is very helpful. Satisfied.


They were very prompt and professional at all times. A friend of our’s suggested them to us.

George D.

Nervous at first not knowing what to expect but firm reassured me it was going to be fine.They were awesome and so helpful!

Nicole F.

Very pleased with the efficient services of Cara Korhonen and Case Coordinator, Patty, who professionally answered all my questions and responded to all my concerns.


They did their job very professionally.

Dennis and Janet W.

Church and Korhonen were extremely helpful and courteous. They met or exceeded all of my expectations. I am very confident in their representation.

Our legal team, Church and Korhonen, surpassed our expectations! Much thanks!
Please give a special thanks to your administrative assistant- an awesome lady!

Ray and Michele R.

I received GREAT bankruptcy representation from the Upper Peninsula Bankruptcy Lawyers: Church and Korhonen. They provided personalized services with professionalism and integrity at a very affordable price.

Michael H.

We selected Church and Korhonen, PLLC as our bankruptcy lawyers because they provide personalized client services, promptly returned phone calls and treat their clients with professionalism and integrity.

Church and Korhonen, PLLC are a good team.

Thomas & Margaret H.

Relieved after the first phone call. Entire staff was understanding, wanted to help. Prompt and precise through entire process.

Kristine M.

Cara was friendly and easy to work with. Very professional as well.

Jason V.

You were very important with our needs. You helped with what we wanted to do and made us comfortable in doing what we had to do.

Jim and Vivian J.

Church and Korhonen was very helpful in getting my bankruptcy taken care of so soon. My daughter was very pleased and so was I with their legal representation.

Pauline K

After my first call I was confident I was making the right choice: friendly and non-judgmental unlike the other two places I had called. Also highly recommended by a lawyer friend of mine.


I was very nervous and stressed about the idea of claiming bankruptcy. But after my first meeting with a Church and Korhonen bankruptcy lawyer, I felt confident and secure with my decision. All my needs were met.


I was uncomfortable filing for bankruptcy. You made everything easy to understand.

The affordable cost of your legal services was an important factor to me , as well as your professionalism and understanding of the legal issues.

I would recommend Upper Peninsula Bankruptcy Lawyers: Church and Korhonen, PLLC to my family friends and colleagues.


From the first day I stepped foot in your office I was treated with respect. This is one of the hardest times in my life and I was given support, compassion and excellent legal representation to help me get back on my feet. Thank you!

Amy A.

I researched several lawyers and had consultations with a few others but I felt more comfortable and confident in your services.

Anna D.

Very understanding, didn’t pressure me.


Made me feel good and confident that they knew what they were doing.


The service was great and it ended in our favor.

Mark S.

Church and Korhonen were awesome from start to finish. Couldn’t ask for any better!!

Nancy S.

This team was excellent in handling my bankruptcy case.They are very efficient and made my situation a lot easier for me to handle. Thank you.

Sherrie S.

We selected Church and Korhonen, PLLC to represent us in our bankruptcy because of their reputation, professionalism and integrity.

We felt they were prompt responding to our inquiries, that their work exceeded our expectations and that they were helpful and courteous.

We would recommend Church and Korhonen’s Bankruptcy Services to our friends, family and colleagues.


Church and Korhonen, PLLC have a great reputation for offering personalized bankruptcy services in a professional manner with integrity.

Kathryn R.

I chose Church and Korhonen to represent me in my bankruptcy case because of their professionalism and integrity. They understood the legal issues and promptly responded to my inquiries.

Gene L.

After hiring Church and Korhonen, PLLC to represent me in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, I felt my options were clearly explained to me, my queries were answered promptly, the quality of the work exceeded my expectations and the cost of the legal services was affordable.

I would recommend Church and Korhonen, PLLC to anyone who needs a bankruptcy attorney including my family, friends and colleagues.

Mandy M.

The lawyers at Church and Korhonen talked to me as an equal and did not make me feel as if I was wasting their time. They didn’t make me feel different because I couldn’t pay all of my bills.

Church and Korhonen offered personalized client services at a rate I could afford.

Caroline C.

I selected Church and Korhonen, Law Firm because of their professionalism and integrity, legal knowledge and inexpensive costs.

I was very happy with the services I received.

Ron W.

I don’t have any suggestions for improvement of bankruptcy services provided by Church and Korhonen, PLLC except that they could provide free soda.

The staff and attorneys at Church and Korhonen, PLLC promptly responded to all my inquires, explained my bankruptcy options, understood my goals and priorities and were helpful and courteous.

I recommend Church and Korhonen, PLLC to my family, friends and colleagues.

Chris R.

I thought y’all did a good job. The legal advice was priceless.


When choosing the Church and Korhonen law firm, the three most important qualities I wanted was personalized client services, professionalism and integrity and cost of legal services.

I was treated very well and am happy with the services I received.

Chuck H.

We received personalized services that were delivered in a professional manner. The low cost was important in choosing Church and Korhonen, however, so was the attorney’s ability to build our understanding of the legal issues involved.

We are pleased.

David and Keri M.

Church and Korhonen represented me well. They explained all my options to me. They helped me understand how much each legal service cost and whether it was worth the money. They understood the legal issues involved and gave me personalized legal services. Finally, they acted with professionalism and integrity.

I recommend Church and Korhonen to my family, friends and colleagues.

Don N.

Hiring Church and Korhonen took the stress and intimidation out of filing bankruptcy. I was treated with dignity and respect and never regretted my decision to hire this firm.

They met deadlines, understood the legal issues and were very affordable.

Korina A.

“Church and Korhonen, PLLC came highly recommended to us. We will return that favor to others! We always felt you sincerely cared about our situation. Thank you.”

Myra N.

“I was very impressed about the way you handled everything- very personal, courteous and explaining everything to me. Super service! Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.”

Joyce N.

When we hired Church and Korhonen, PLLC we felt more than pleased, the first visit made us feel so comfortable about a stressful situation.

Craig and Tina K.

“This is the first time we had to have legal services. We are very happy with your firm’s help. Your firm is client friendly.”

Bob and Joan L.