Life in a Financial Sweatbox

Whether or not you know it, you may be living your life in a financial sweatbox right this very moment. “Financial sweatbox” is a phrase that refers to the stressful time people are often forced to endure preceding bankruptcy. Life in a financial sweatbox may include non-stop harassing phone calls from debt collectors and angry financial institutions, loss of utilities, sleepless nights filled with anxiety over simple things like grocery shopping, the loss of a home or other assets, and living without basic necessities that most people would take for granted. Living this way can cause even the most resilient person to lose hope, but fortunately, there is a way out so long as you’re brave enough to go for it.

Bankruptcy is the fresh start that so many are looking for; however, now more than ever before people are choosing to live in this perpetual state of misery rather than filing for bankruptcy simply out of fear. Filing for bankruptcy can indeed be a very scary thing filled with uncertainty, especially when you don’t even fully understand what it is or how it will affect your future. You might even believe that you can get ahead of your own financial problems if only you had a little more time, but often enough that is exactly how you end up in the financial sweatbox. Soon missed payments incur fees and other penalties and before you know it your debt has multiplied exponentially and you truly are stuck.

With as many as two-thirds of people living life in a financial sweatbox for more than two years and one-third exceeding five years, it is essential now more than ever to stand up and take back control of your life. Bankruptcy should be no less scary than facing years of turmoil and heartache waiting for your situation to improve all on its own, so what are you waiting for? Anyone living life in a financial sweatbox should investigate their bankruptcy options sooner rather than later to ensure an ideal outcome. If you are suffering relentless harassment, fear, and financial loss with no end in sight, it may be time to do what is right for you and your family and reach out to bankruptcy lawyers, like Cathy C. Church and Cara Korhonen at Church and Korhonen, PC, for help as soon as possible. No one ever wants to file for bankruptcy, but living life in a financial sweatbox is no way to live either. Call Church and Korhonen, PC, toll-free at 1.800.758.5611 or simply fill out the form in the sidebar to begin taking steps to a more sound financial future, greater peace of mind and a fresh start.