Eight Steps to a Financial Fresh Start by Filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy

What is the process for filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy with Upper Peninsula Bankruptcy Lawyers Church and Korhonen, PC?

Filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is a process that requires time, effort and paying the required fees. To better understand how a case is filed, we have included a general overview of the steps involved. Not all cases are the same and some cases will involve more or less time, but you should be able to get a general sense of what to expect if you are considering filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

STEP ONE: Schedule an initial, free consultation with an Upper Peninsula Bankruptcy Lawyer at Church and Korhonen, PC. You can have a telephone or in-person consultation, it is up to you. Normally, you can schedule a consult within 48 business hours of calling (906) 226-0001.

STEP TWO: After learning your options from the free, initial consultation, determine whether you should file for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and whether you can provide all the documentation necessary and pay the required attorney’s fees within 5 months.

STEP THREE: Retain Upper Peninsula Bankruptcy Lawyers Church and Korhonen, PC and stop paying any additional money for debt that will be discharged in your bankruptcy.

STEP FOUR: Provide ALL necessary documentation and attorney’s fees to Church and Korhonen, PC as soon as possible. The documentation you provide will be the basis for your Bankruptcy Petition, Schedules and Statement of Financial Affairs.

STEP FIVE: We file your Bankruptcy Petition with the US Bankruptcy Court. This is the event that STOPS ALL Creditors from taking further action against you. It will stop creditor contact, law suits, garnishments, asset seizures etc.

STEP SIX: Four to six weeks after your Bankruptcy Petition is filed you will have a 341 Creditors Meeting at the US Bankruptcy Court on the 3 floor of the Marquette Post Office building. You MUST attend this hearing.

STEP SEVEN: Typically, 60 days after the 341 Creditors’ meeting, your debts will be discharged.

STEP EIGHT: 30 days after discharge your Bankruptcy case will be closed because you have completed the Bankruptcy process.

If you are looking for a financial fresh start, now is the time. For a free consultation, contact Church and Korhonen today at 1.800.758.5611.