5 Ways to Pay for Your Bankruptcy

No money to file bankruptcy? Many people who call at Church and Korhonen, PC know they need to file bankruptcy but think they are too broke to hire a bankruptcy attorney. In most cases, that is simply not true. Between our low fees and easy payments, most people are able to retain us and file their bankruptcy petition within 6 months.

5 Ways to Pay for Bankruptcy:

  1. Stop paying all debt you want to discharge in bankruptcy. This could include minimum monthly credit card payments, past utility bills, and/or payments for vehicles you no longer want to keep. You can use the money you save to hire a bankruptcy lawyer. If you choose this method, it is best to sign a retainer agreement with the bankruptcy lawyer as soon as you have enough money to make a down payment on the fee. Once the lawyer is retained, you can tell your creditors to stop calling you and start calling your bankruptcy lawyer. (It is important to note that if you simply quit paying your bills and fail to retain a  bankruptcy lawyer, you will be making your situation worse. You should retain a bankruptcy lawyer as soon as possible when not paying your bills.)
  2. Use your federal or state tax refund to pay for your bankruptcy. If your situation allows you to         wait until after the first of the year, file your income tax returns as soon as possible. Immediately     upon receiving your your tax refund, use the funds to pay for your bankruptcy lawyer. (Be advised that many people use their tax refund to pay for bankruptcy so most bankruptcy attorneys are really busy the first 4 months of the year. The sooner you retain them, the faster your case will be   filed with the court.)
  3. Sell possessions you no longer need or want. Many people have old computers, cell phones or other  electronic equipment gathering dust. Why not sell these items and use the proceeds to hire a            bankruptcy attorney. Whether you sell one item to a collector on Ebay or Craigslist, host a garage    sale or sell your clunker to the salvage yard, you will be on your way to a financial fresh start.
  4. Borrow the money from family, friends or employers. When people who care about you realize you    are drowning in debt, they may want to help you get a new financial start by helping you pay for      your bankruptcy lawyer. Perhaps they will gift the money to you for your birthday or Christmas.    Maybe they will write a check directly to the law firm. Either way, cash gifts from people who care  and want to see you improve your situation may be just the ticket to getting you back on your feet.
  5. Take a temporary or seasonal job. Participate in a paid study. Sell plasma. Reclaim any money you    may have loaned to family, friends or acquaintances. Think about it. The possibilities are endless.    Just don’t give up.

Anyway you look at it, there are numerous avenues for gathering the funds necessary to file bankruptcy. If you are drowning in debt and need a fresh, financial start, consider all your options when it comes to collecting enough money to hire a bankruptcy lawyer. The relief you experience will be well worth the energy and time you expended in rounding up the case needed to hire a bankruptcy attorney.