We offer a fresh start for people with struggling with money problems, garnishments, medical bills, repossessions and foreclosures.

Attorneys Cathy C. Church and Cara Korhonen focus exclusively on helping people find solutions to their debt . The firm serves clients throughout the Upper Peninsula of Michigan from our main office in Marquette.If you are experiencing financial hardships, contact Church and Korhonen, PC for a free consultation to discuss your consumer debt.

Help and Hope are a phone call or email away!

Church and Korhonen, PC was specifically created to help consumers struggling with debt.If you are uncertain whether you should negotiate your debt load or file for bankruptcy, we can assist you in making that determination.  With our help, you can put an end to collection agency harassment, avalanching penalties, garnishment and/or the sense of fear and dread every time you open your mailbox or answer your phone.

A second chance for a new financial beginning

We focus on helping people with money problems, and have helped many clients resolve their financial difficulties. We carefully analyze your situation and advise if bankruptcy is right for you. We represent you when harassing creditors call. We file bankruptcy petitions to stop garnishment, law suits and judgments.We represent clients in US Bankruptcy Court. Once we finish our work, our clients get a fresh start and a new financial beginning.

Church and Korhonen, PC believe customer service, competence and fast response are the benchmarks of success.

The firm has a limited number of clients it represents at any given time.  This means if you are a Church and Korhonen, PC client, you will not get forgotten, overlooked or ignored.  Phone calls will be returned in a timely fashion, you will be kept advised of the status of your case and most importantly, your concerns will be heard.

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